Modernisation Solutions

Every lift is different, the expected life span of a lift is determined by passenger usage and the quality of the system components. A lift's longevity can be extended by carrying out regular maintenance. However, all mechanical and electric components will eventually fail. Failures will create higher costs and tenant dissatisfaction. The solution is to modernise your lift before the problems become too significant. If you decide that a modernisation is required then contact City Lift Services.

One of our Project Managers will discuss your requirements and provide a no obligation assessment. We can provide options to replace small components of your current lift system through to a full replacement.

What are some of the signs indicating it's time to modernise your lift?

  • Your lift is often out of service
  • Maintenance and repair bills are increasing year on year
  • Your lift doesn't stop level with the floor
  • The lift car is small and cramped
  • The interior is out dated and in poor condition
  • Heavy, manual doors are difficult for some tenants to use
  • Your lift does not comply with current building codes and legislation
When is the right time to modernise?

A dark, cramped, unappealing, unreliable and unsafe lift reduces the value of your building and significantly decreases tenant satisfaction. Also consider current codes, standards and legislation. The National Construction Code (NCC), updated in 2016 sets out the minimum requirements of building design and construction throughout Australia. Australian Standard 1735.1 specifies the general requirements of lifts.

The 2016 revision aligns changes to International standards. Also, the rights of people with disability, including access to premises, are recognised by State and Commonwealth legislation. The Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) is of particular relevance.

If you are concerned about the well being of your tenants then now is the time to modernise your building's lift. After 20 years, lift components will wear out and need replacing. Your ongoing maintenance and repair costs will continue to rise, year after year. It is likely that your lift will be out of service for longer periods as spare parts become more difficult to obtain. To avoid higher costs and constant frustration we recommend you consider replacing part or all of your existing equipment.

No obligation assessments If you are experiencing ongoing problems with your existing lift or it has an out dated interior then it is time to contact City Lift Services. One of our Project Managers and a qualified Technician will visit you. They will discuss the situation, inspect the current equipment and consider your budget and time frame constraints.

Within 5 days of the visit a comprehensive, no obligation, proposal will be submitted. Included in the proposal will be costs and options ranging from replacing elements over an extended period of time to an immediate full replacement. If you are considering updating the inside of your lift we recommend looking at our Altivate Interior brochure. It showcases the latest trends, including:

  • Wall coverings
  • Flooring
  • Ceilings
  • Lighting
  • Control panels
  • Accessories


Lift technology has evolved significantly in recent times. New drive mechanisms and control systems allow us to provide a significantly bigger car in lift shafts that were built many years ago. On some occasions, when a full replacement is undertaken, internal car space can increase by up to 50%.


Utilising microprocessors, LED lighting and belt drives all contribute to an energy saving. A real reduction in power bills provides an offset against the cost of the modernisation.


We can provide an upgrade strategy to suit most budgets. This includes staging component replacement over years, to an immediate full replacement with City Lift Services providing a finance agreement.

On Time and On Budget

Our Project Managers meticulously plan all aspects of a modernisation so that people can continue to live and work safely during the upgrade. Of course, there will be some out of service periods, however, these periods are clearly communicated to the building manger and we also fix progress notices near each lift entrance.

For the duration of the project our onsite technicians take great care to protect the surrounding surfaces and floor coverings. Any noisy work is scheduled over a few days so that there is minimum disturbance on any one day. Our pricing is fixed for the agreed scope of works. Should additional work be required the price and time frame is agreed before proceeding.

When the work is completed our Project Manager will undertake the final quality inspection, including safety and performance checks and then arrange for a Worksafe certificate to be issued. We also confirm that all of the old equipment has been removed and disposed of properly and that all work areas are clean and tidy.

City Lift Services specialises in vertical transportation equipment. We are Perth's largest privately owned provider of these products and utilise a global network of manufacturing facilities as well as our in-house lift interior manufacturing to deliver superior value for money.

Our reputation has resulted in us having a long list of completed projects with many repeat customers. To ensure complete flexibility, services are tailored to suit the requirements of each individual client.

Concept to Completion drives our team and every one of us is fully committed to a project from the first time we have contact with our client right through to handover and the ongoing after sales service. This approach ensures that we are able to consistently deliver high quality vertical transport solutions, no matter the project size.

We document new projects, carry out site visits, provide compliance reports and upgrade strategies. We have a solution for ALL lift specifications.

An important and growing part of City Lift Services is Altivate Action – this is our dedicated Service, Maintenance and Repair division. We have management and operational systems in place to ensure quality service.

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