Commercial Passenger Lift Solutions

    City Lift Services has successfully delivered numerous on time on and on budget projects.
    Our Altivate design philosophy maximises passenger safety. Australian and European product standard compliance, including disability access.
    Altivate is not just an out of the box solution, the system components are adaptable to meet project specific requirements.
    Every component in the Altivate system utilises the latest technology to ensure a smooth and fast ride experience.
    The most efficient control system to move a high volume of passengers on multi-lift sites.
    Energy from the lift movement is captured and returned to the building's power system.
    Our technicians can remotely connect to the system to fully prepare for the service call before attending site.

Altivate lifts are all equipped with two primary safety mechanisms: The first being an electrical overspeed switch operated by a governor which controls a potential overspeed of the lift system. The second being a mechanical safety gear which is also activated by the overspeed governor. This consists of jaws that grip the guide rails. These two systems operate in a fail safe sequence, electrical disables the system first then mechanical second if the lift overspeeds in either direction. We also provide electromechanical door interlocks to prevent the lift from operating if the door is not completely closed. The same door interlocks also prevent the outer doors on each landing from opening if the lift is not present.

Full height safety beams (Light Rays) are installed on every entrance to prevent doors closing on passengers. If an emergency does occur there is an alarm siren that can be activated from inside the cabin and there is also a two-way, hands free, telephone that provides passengers with instant communication to our 24/7 customer care centre.

Our installation team laser levels the lift car and landings to prevent trip hazards. We also provide a deluge of modern lighting to safeguard entry and exit and this also reduces the risk of unwanted behavior. At the completion of every installation we conduct a thorough handover to all stakeholders, ensuring correct system operation.

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply): An optional UPS backed Automatic Rescue Device can be provided – in the event of a main power supply failure and the lift is stopped between two floors it is moved to floor level, the automatic doors are opened and passengers are out safely. If the lift is at floor level, then the doors are automatically held open.

Smooth & Fast Ride: Every component in the Altivate system utilises the latest technology to ensure a smooth and fast ride experience.

Lift Car: Heavy duty steel frame and walls reduce noise and vibration.

Machine: Overhead traction machines utilise gearless permanent magnet technology linked with a Heidenhain digital encoder to ensure a smooth speed curve for reliable acceleration and deceleration.

Control System: The use of a dual 32-bit microprocessor unit allows it to complete both lift operation and motor drive functions, providing synchronised performance.

Brakes: Multiple electromechanical brakes are provided to hold the lift at its final destination, the brakes are only applied once the VVVF control system brings the lift to floor level. Once the lift is at floor level and the mechanical brakes are engaged the lift electrically locks the system using dynamic braking technology to provide an extra level of braking safety.

Guide Rails: The cold drawn manufacturing process ensures precision fit to deliver a superior lift ride.

City Lift Services specialises in vertical transportation equipment. We are Perth's largest privately owned provider of these products and utilise a global network of manufacturing facilities as well as our in-house lift interior manufacturing to deliver superior value for money.

Our reputation has resulted in us having a long list of completed projects with many repeat customers. To ensure complete flexibility, services are tailored to suit the requirements of each individual client.

Concept to Completion drives our team and every one of us is fully committed to a project from the first time we have contact with our client right through to handover and the ongoing after sales service. This approach ensures that we are able to consistently deliver high quality vertical transport solutions, no matter the project size.

We document new projects, carry out site visits, provide compliance reports and upgrade strategies. We have a solution for ALL lift specifications.

An important and growing part of City Lift Services is Altivate Action – this is our dedicated Service, Maintenance and Repair division. We have management and operational systems in place to ensure quality service.

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