Service is more than just a word. To us, service begins at first contact and continues well after the project is complete. Our clients invest in us and we take our committment to them very seriously. With that, it is important to provide a flow of information for a myriad of potential uses. From Guides, to Specifications, Brochures and more, below you will find a host of downloadable items that may prove useful.


  • Promotions Lift Safety Checkup


    • Promotions Escalators Project Specification
    • Promotions Moving Walks Project Specification
    • Promotions Commercial Lifts Project Specification


    • Promotions Automatic Rescue Device
    • Promotions Destination Dispatch System
    • Promotions Destination Dispatch System 2
    • Promotions Embedded Lift Display
    • Promotions Energy Regeneration
    • Promotions Remote Diagnostic Monitoring System
    • Promotions Seismic Sensor


    • Promotions Standard Passenger Lift Layouts (zip)
    • Promotions Escalator Travelator Technical Drawings


  • Promotions Vertical Transportation Maintenance Guide
  • Promotions Altivate Builders Guide
  • Promotions Altivate Move Builders Guide
  • Promotions Goods Only Lifts Selection Guide
  • Promotions Service Lift Mini Product Selection Guide
  • Promotions Service Lifts Maxi Product Selection Guide
  • Promotions Passenger Lifts Design Guide
  • Promotions Passenger Lifts Planning Information


  • Promotions Lifting Platforms Maintenance Checklist
  • Promotions Hydraulic Lift Maintenance Checklist
  • Promotions Escalator Maintenance Checklist
  • Promotions Electric Lift Maintenance Checklist


  • Promotions Vertical Transportation Solutions Manual
  • Promotions Commercial Passenger Lifts Technical Manual
  • Promotions Access Lifts Technical Manual
  • Promotions Wheelchair Lifts Technical Manual
  • Promotions Service Lifts Technical Manual
  • Promotions Goods Only Lifts Technical Manual


  • Altivate City Lift Services Capability Statement
  • Altivate Altivate Brochure
  • Altivate Action Altivate Action Brochure
  • Altivate Design Altivate Design Brochure
  • Altivate Mobility Altivate Mobility Brochure
  • Altivate Move Altivate Mobility Brochure
  • Altivate Park Altivate Park Brochure
  • Altivate Renew Altivate Renew Brochure
  • Altivate Rise Altivate Rise Brochure

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