We are invested in our clients

Service is more than just a word. To us, service begins at first contact and continues well after the project is complete. Our clients invest in us and we take our comittment to them very seriously.
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Project & Time Sensitive

While the expression "need it yesterday" is often used, we certainly understand that some projects are time sensitive. Our commitment to our clients needs with product & planning is paramount to the way we operate.

We understand our products

It's one thing to sell something, it is quite another to sell, install and maintain a product. We pride ourselves on our products and our understanding of them that ultimately benefits our clients with years of service.

Key Product Types


Passenger Lifts

Altivate Action

Repair & Service

Altivate Renew

Renewal & Safety

We're There When You Need Us

We have the solution for your project, from Concept to Completion, and backed by our
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